Why Me And Many Other People Struggle In Making Money Online?

Few hours ago, I’m back to my Blog Traffic Geek. And now, I’m going to offer very useful tips and insights to make money online. Hope this will give you an “ah-ha” moment.

So, why many people including me in the past struggles to make money online?

My answer is because “We are trying to apply the same old methods many Gurus are teaching”.

If you are trying to make money online and still not making some serious income, I bet that you are either in the ‘Internet Marketing Niche’, ‘Building Your List’ or ‘Blogging’. I’m not saying that these are bad methods or ways that doesn’t work. What I want to say is that these methods require Some Major Tweak in order to make some serious income.

If you have ever attend a live seminar, course or read any ebook, you will come across these steps: choose a good product, create your landing page, setup your autoresponder, drive traffic and send offer to your list.

There’s not much of problem here Except A Few:

Problem #1:

More people are using this method. Since Internet business has such a low startup cost, you can expect millions of people join the online business world every year and do the same. That means Intense Competition. When you are competing with millions of people in the same market, that’s the point where you need to struggle.

You’ll probably need to pay very high for PPC since many other people are raising their bids, you need to stand out of the crowd in the forum because there are many self claimed experts around, harder to rank on search engine’s first page because SEO experts are almost everywhere.

Problem #2:

The Internet is evolving way too fast. People who build their list and promote products to their list might work 5 years ago. But there are way too many people building their list and promoting offers.

Don’t understand what I mean? Go check your email inbox.

That’s probably what your subscribers are facing too. Every time a new product is going to launch, they email will be filled with promotional emails. Since everyone is promoting the same product, they normally purchase it from someone who helped them the most or someone who gives them the most valuable incentives. And sadly, probably that person wouldn’t be you.

Problem #3:

Credibility has become one of the key to be successful. Since the Internet is filled with gold and craps, people tend to choose who they want to believe based on their proof and results. In short, why should people believe you about ‘how to make money’ when you couldn’t prove that you are making money online?

Ouch! That might hurt.

It hurts me from my real life lesson. I was trying to promote a blogging seminar for my friend. At that point of time, I was earning the same income as a cashier in a drugstore. In short, I lost a few potential clients and I learned my lesson. Since then, I’ve never promoted any money making seminar until I finally become financially free. Many people on the Internet has probably learned lots of crap from unethical marketers and they have become more careful when choosing their advice.

So, what’s the most effective way to make money online?

This post is getting too long. I’ll write another one that explains my money making formula in the next few hours. If you want to get notified, simply subscribe to the RSS.

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