Why Would I Spent $1000 To Learn Google Adwords?

increase-blog-trafficLast 2 weeks, I decided to take up a Google Adword home study course with an expert that cost me more than $1000. Those who know me very well says “You’re crazy. Since you are good in SEO, why are you learning Google Adwords again. Aren’t you diversifying too much?”

Here’re my reason that get me to spend that $1000 even the economy is not so good at this moment:

1. Leverage Google

Many bloggers are using Blog commenting, article marketing, video marketing and forum marketing. It’s free but let’s be honest with the traffic here! How much free traffic are you getting after spending 1 hour with these free traffic strategies?

Average visitors I get with free traffic: 20 visitors/hour

Of course this number will double after a few months. But let’s do a simple calculation here:

If your time worth $5 per hour (I’m sure it’s not that low), it cost you $0.25 to get a visitor. Is this expensive than Google Adwords? How about when your time worth $10 per hour?

With Google Adwords, you can get one visitor for $0.01 to $0.05. You are leveraging Google’s traffic for your own online business. By leveraging Google with money, you’ll get cheaper traffic if your time is important to you.

Of course, there are many people who have plenty of time with very little money. They might be able to work for 8 hours to get 160 visitors per day. After conversion, every visitor might provide $1 to the blogger. How about the Google Adworder?

If he is spending $0.05 for each visitors and getting thousands of visitors per day, who do you think will make more money?

2. Security

There are many Internet Marketers who lose most of their search engine traffic out of a sudden. There might be a day that hundreds of website owners suddenly link to your website and got it penalized or whatever reason that the Algorithm thinks you are messing with Google. How will your business survive? Or how are you going to make money for yourself?

Google Adwords is a form of paying advertising which you will get traffic as long as you pay. There are risks which your blog will get penalized since Google’s Algorithm became more unpredictable. Combining SEO and Google Adwords will secure your income even your blog get penalized.

3. Speed Traffic

How would you like to get traffic within minutes? This is very possible with Google Adwords. If you just started a new online business model or blog that you would like to hit the market before all the competitors start taking advantage of, what is your fast traffic strategy?

SEO takes months to hit the first page, Google Adwords takes minutes. I’m not trying to promote Google Adowrds here, but sometimes it is really important to step ahead of your competitors before they turn the market into something ugly.

Another reason I choose Google Adwords as one of my traffic strategy is most Internet Marketers became successful and are still very successful because they master Google Adwords. We can hardly see any successful Internet Marketer who are generating millions per year know nothing about Adwords.

Google Adwords seems to be a scary method to many bloggers because it is about spending money. Many Internet Marketers wasted money in Google Adwords and that’s the reason I want to learn this method from the expert and get it right fast.

Alright, hope this give you a very clear picture about Google Adword Traffic Strategy. I’ll share with you the results that I get from Adwords soon. Hope you have fun reading my post.

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