Best Blog Traffic Strategies For NEW NICHES

How to get traffic for niches that are very new? There’s no blog and forum that talks about it so you can comment on? How to get traffic for the new niches? Should you wait until people start talking about it to get traffic?

increase-blog-traffic-48I used to get frustrated about it because all I know 2 years ago is just Blog Commenting and Forums. Well… not anymore because I’ve figure out the perfect way to get traffic to my niche blog automatically and almost effortlessly. So, what’s the strategy?

The answer is quite simple…

When you find a new niche which little or no blog is talking about it, you are one LUCKY blogger!

SEO experts are finding new niches to get easy money everyday. All they need to do is grab that new keyword that very few people are trying to rank for. And quickly build a blog or site to rank on the first page. They could get there in less than a month and “BAM”, traffic start flooding their site. A short little Adsense code will make them a fortune. (Alright, it might not be a fortune but long term passive Adsense cash into their pocket.)

If you got into a new niche where little blogs or websites are in, jump into it. Quickly do an analysis on how many people are searching for that keyword and how fierce is the competition. You can learn how to do it with my simple step-by-step guide on how to do keyword research.

If the first page has no webpage that is higher than PR3 and more than 100 searches per day, you just discovered a treasure. Get ready to rank for that keyword. Start reading 2 very important guide to climb to the first page. These 2 guides are 15 Secrets To Maximize Your Blog SEO Traffic and 5 Link-Building Secrets That Will Boost Your PageRank.

You will get your Blog on the first page within 1 month. It might take 3 months and it depends on your competitors.

So… Is Blog SEO The Only Way?

Nope. Not at all.

The second strategies might be more powerful to bloggers who are planning to build a list or make some sales. This strategies is Google Adwords.

Adwords might cost you money but it gives you fast traffic. You can start pouring traffic to your blog within minutes with it. It will be cheaper than normal keywords because very few people are bidding on the keywords. You can get traffic with just few cents per click. Compare to old and competitive niches such as “Make Money Online”, you probably need $10 per click.

Other traffic strategies for new niches will be…

Google and Yahoo Answers. People want to know more and they might be asking the public and Yahoo Answers or Google Answers. Do a search on those 2 sites with your keywords. Give them the answers and put your blog as the source of information. They will thank you. When other people who are seeking for the answer of the same question, they will see your answer and go to your blog too. The answers stay there forever.

The last blog traffic strategies to go for…

I don’t really like this but this will help you getting some traffic too. Use Board Tracker to seek for forums threads that has your keywords. If there’re such keywords that exist in the forum, there’s a high possibility that people are asking questions in the forum. Same as Google Answers and Yahoo Answers. You answer will stay there and don’t forget to have a link to your blog.

Focus on the search engines first before moving to the other strategies. Are you relieved and confident to get some traffic for your blog. If you’ve found a new niche and you have no confidence to get blog traffic, feel free to let me know that niche. I would love to get some cash from it.

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