About the Geek

Hey! My name is Fisher Nantz. I’m glad that you came to my blog.

I never really thought much when I write this ‘About’ page. Basically I used to be and still like to be a GEEK!

I really enjoyed staring at the computer screen more than 10 hours and analyze all sorts of traffic statistics and read new traffic tips from others. Probably that’s the reason that makes my specs thick and heavy.

This blog is my passion. Finally, I get to say this because I used to start many blogs which are not my passion by profit-driven. I’ll provide tons and tons of tips and strategies for you to get lots of traffic for your blog.

So… Stay close and you’ll get lots of value from my blog.

P.S. Value in terms of knowledge not money because I’m on my way to be RICH! (meaning I’m still not there yet)

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