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120 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

1.Write articles about your topic and include a link to your blog at the resource box. Submit to

2.Submit to other article directories such as,, and

3.Use article auto submission services or software to submit your articles to hundreds of article directories.

4.Put your keywords in the resource box and link it to your blog.

5.Write compelling titles with “How to”, “Secrets” or “Step” so more people want to read your articles and more traffic to your blog.

6.Put an irresistible or attractive offer in your resource box to get more people to come to your blog.

7.Submit 100 – 200 articles to get automated traffic from article directories everyday.

8.Write and submit articles everyday to get traffic to your blog on a daily basis.

9.Write unique articles with a link to your blog and contribute to other bloggers.

10.Think of new ideas to get people spread the word of your blog.

11.Choose a hot topic for your blog which everyone is talking about it.

12.Write content which will get people addicted to it. People will come back often to read and share with people who like this topic.

13.Blog about topics you have a lot of passion. If you are passion about a topic, you’ll attract others easily.

14.Create a topic for your blog which you are the first one who talks about it. You become the original source of the information and people will recommend you when they talk about the topic you started.

15.Choose a topic you are best in the world. Everyone love experts especially if they are the best. They will recommend you to their friends.

16.Choose a topic which you love to talk about. Talk about it in words or video and put it at your blog. You’ll find yourself having fun and attracting people to read.

17.Give valuable comments on popular blogs that are related to your blog.

18.If you don’t know any popular blogs, search it on

19.Use to find related blogs. It is easier than Technorati but doesn’t update as fast as Technorati.

20.Don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ and make friends with bloggers. When they become your friends, they’ll recommend their readers to your blog sometimes especially when you blog something valuable.

21.Make friends with bloggers which are at the same level as you. You’ll never know when will they grow into popular blogs. It is much easier to make friends with bloggers which are not so popular because they are not as busy as popular bloggers.

22.Be the first to give comments. The blog readers and owner will notice you and click on the link to your blog.

23.Give comments that stand out. When people post short comments, write long ones. When people write long comments, right short ones.

24.Search for forums which is talking about the same topic as your blog. Join the conversation and remember to put a link at your signature.

25.Use to search for forums easily.

26.Go to and pick some huge forums. Huge forums have more members and more people will see your link and click on it.

27.Reply to people’s new thread/topic in the forum.

28.Start your own thread or topic. This usually attract more people to see our link at the signature.

29.Put an interesting title for your topic. More people will read it.

30.Write original content on forums.

31.Write some experiments or experience of a topic. People in forums love it.

32.Try not to write general knowledge and concepts that bores people away.

33.Start topic and reply to topic often. This will let more people to know you and more people will go to your blog when they are familiar with your name.

34.Exchange links with other bloggers on Blogroll.

35.Create a special page which you’ll use to exchange links with other website owners. This will give you some visitors directly and from the search engines.

36.Go to DoFollow blog list and give comments there. These blogs have changed their ‘nofollow’ settings so everytime you comment with your blog url, there’ll be a backlink to your blog.

37.Download and activate “All-in-one SEO plugin”. This will give your blog some SEO advantages.

38.Download “Sitemap plugin” and activate it.

39.Change your blog title into the keywords you want to rank for.

40.Include keywords you want to rank in your blog’s tagline.

41.Publish new blog post daily.

42.Submit your blog to web directories at There are 800 over active web directories there.

43.Submit your blog to blog directories as well.

44.Submit your blog’s feed to feed directories.

45.Add more websites to the ‘Ping’ list (available only in WordPress blog admin area).

46.If you are not using wordpress blog, go to to ‘Ping’ everytime you write a new post.

47.Create valuable and informational videos and upload them on

48.Upload to many other video directories with too.

49.Prepare 3-5 very good articles. Make sure those articles are very informational and valuable that people are willing to pay. People will love to come to your blog and share with others.

50.Prepare contents that helps people.

51.Turn your blog into a mini-newspaper that reports news about your topic. You get news fast and easy by using Google News.

52.Write inspiring new ideas.

53.Write your own experiences which are related to your topic. People who read blog love experiences.

54.Tell a story. People love to read interesting stories.

55.Make your readers laugh. Write funny things that people enjoy to read.

56.Don’t write boring and complicated concepts that scares people away.

57.Write a list of tips people always want to come back and refer to.

58.Write some secrets about your topic. People like to read secrets.

59.Write about solutions to your readers’ problems.

60.Use Myspace account to make friends and invite them to your blog.

61.Use Facebook too. It is getting more and more popular nowadays.

62.Write a good profile and upload nice photo. Using WebCam to take photo is not a good idea.

63.Add friends to your account often.

64.Join groups in Myspace or Facebook.

65.Post bulletin about your topic often. Don’t sell in it, just give information.

66.Signup for StumbleUpon account and install the toolbar on your browser. Everytime you write a new blog post, give that post a ‘thumb up’!

67.Use Digg and other social bookmarking site too.

68.Join Yahoo Groups which are actively discussing about the topic related to your blog.

69.Join Google group as well.

70.Go to Yahoo Answers and search for other people’s question which are related to your blog. Answer them and put your blog url as the source.

71.Write testimonials for other internet marketers with a link to your blog.

72.Write a free report with your blog url at the beginning or end of the report. Distribute the free report to as many people as possible. Encourage everyone to share this report with friends.

73.Submit the free report to free ebook directories to make it available to more people.

74.Create your own ebook with the blog url at the beginning or end of the ebook. List it at with a good sales page.

75.Joint venture with other website owners. Promote their website and get them to promote yours.

76.Build an opt-in box at your blog. Encourage your visitors to opt in to get free video, report or audio from you. Email them every them you write a new blog post.

77.Create a big orrage “RSS button” on your blog so people could subscribe to your blog’s RSS.

78.Participate in blog carnivals at This will give you backlinks and visitors.

79.Use and post free ads there.

80.Go to and post free ads there.

81.Use ‘ShareThis’ plugin. This plugin allows people to share your blog with others easily.

82.Tell your friends and relatives.

83.Use blog designs that makes people feel good and confortable so they like to come back often and share with others.

84.Don’t insert too many flashy banner ads in your blog. This annoys people instead of attracting people to click.

85.Print a sticker with your blog title and address. Stick it behind you car. You’ll be amazed how many people will look behind your car.

86.Print your blog URL behind your shirt to make it cool and bring traffic to your blog too.

87.Have your blog address and the topic on your business card. Distribute to people.

88.Use Traffic Exchange programs such as,,, etc.

89.Use Google Adwords to promote your blog.

90.Use other pay-per-click program to promote your blog.

91.Buy text link ads directly from popular blogs.

92.Buy banner ads directly from popular blogs.

93.Buy advertising space from popular Ezines.

94.Buy Co-reg leads from credible leads provider.

95.If you know any trainers or speakers, make friends with them and share your blog with them. If they like it, they’ll share with their participants.

96.Sponsor some seminars that are related to your topic and get them to introduce your blog.

97.Call your prospects and introduce them your blog.

98.Share your blog with your customers and tell them how it will help them.

99.If you are going to appear in TV program, that’s a very good chance to introduce your blog too.

100.Same situation on Radio.

101.Buy advertising space from newspaper.

102.Buy advertising space from related magazines.

103.If you have bigger budget for blogging, use TV commercials.

104.Don’t waste your money on safelists.

105.Rewrite your articles you submitted to article directories and submit them in a Squidoo lense. Just go to and create a new lense. Paste it there and link to your blog.

106.Do the same to too.

107.You make some cold calls and introduce your blog. Make sure your blog address is easy to remember once others hear it from phone.

108.Write press releases and submit them to

109.Put a link at your eBay about me page if you buy and sell at eBay often.

110.Stop thinking of there’s a magic pill that will solve your traffic problem easily and fast!

111.Stop finding more ways to get blog traffic. Start taking action and get some real traffic!

112.Set a goal for the traffic you want.

113.Always seek ways to improve the methods you use to get more traffic.

114.Focus your time and effort on 3 or 5 at the beginning.

115.Hire some staff to do it for you. Do this only you are really effective in generating traffic.

116.Outsource your traffic to specialized companies.

117.Hire an SEO company which has high reputation.

118.Buy traffic packages from some internet marketers.

119.Join venture with good internet marketers if you know any of them.

120.Give super affiliates high commission (exclusive rate which normal affiliate won’t get) when they sell your ebook. Use this step only if you have a very good ebook.

121.Do something special on your blog which will catch the attention of main steam media.

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