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11 Secrets To Optimize Your Blog For SEO

Once bloggers decide to rank their blogs for keywords, most will quickly rush to directories and grab some links. Link building helps a lot in blog SEO and get blog traffic for sure. However, if you are NOT doing well at ‘On-Blog’ Optimization, you are going to double or triple your link building time and effort.

I’m serious…

I used to have a blog that rank on the second page of a keyword result. Once I changed some of the internal settings, it immediately drop to the fifth page.

Since the day I’ve learned the secret to optimize my blog for the search engines, ranking for keywords became really easy. Let’s discover these secrets.

Before start, please remember that this is on-blog optimization. Don’t over do it or else you’ll get your blog thrown into the ‘Google Jail’.

1. Do You Have Keywords In Your Domain Name?
Domain name will definitely give you lots of advantage in ranking. You can believe me on that because I’ve did keyword research for thousands of words. Everytime I do a competition analysis for keywords, I see sites with low page rank and little backlinks yet rank higher than other sites. One of my hobby is to discover why. Out of all these ‘unbelievable’ sites, most of them got that position because they have keywords in their domain name.

2. Title Is The Key Secret
If you don’t know this yet, make sure you remember this because this is the most important on-blog optimization- Blog title. Change your blog title into your primary keyword. Make sure the title on your blog is a text and not an image.

When you change the blog title into your primary keywords, it provides you a few advantage. Your title tag will include your keyword. It will change the the the first word on your blog into your keyword. The word with H1 tags have your primary keywords in.

All 3 changes will contributes to your blog’s SEO power.

3. Is Tagline Important Or Not?
If you try to change the blog title, I’m sure you see something underneath the title called tagline. This is not as important as the the blog title. However, it does help to attract search engines visitors. Make it as simple as a sentence that include your kywords.

4. Create SEO Friendly URLs?
I believe you have heard of ‘Permalink’. If you have learned about the basics of blogging before, changing the permalink is always part of starting your blog. By default, all of the post of your blog will look like these:

However, ‘?P=123′ doesn’t mean anything to the search engines. If you have a post with a title “How to get rid of comment spammers” and people Google exactly the same thing, you’ll rank high if your post’s url have those words.

Go to setting >> permalink and customize your permalink by typing “/%category%/%postname%” or “/%postname%” into the box.

5. Ping Ping Ping!
I’ve mentioned the power of this important service in the previous post at Are You Banned From Ping? Go to Setting >> Writing and scroll all the way down till you see “Update Service”. Copy and paste the following:

This list allows you to announce to many websites everytime you publish a new posts on your blog. This will get your blog’s post indexed super fast.

6. Do You Have A Map For Your Blog?
Sitemaps improve search engine optimzation because it allows search engine bots to find all pages within the blog. Search engine bots will only follow a finite number of links. If the page of your blog needs lot of clicks to reach, the bot might not reach it and get it indexed.

You can get a free Sitemap Generator from here. Just activate the plugin and create a page (not post) with the following code: <!– ddsitemapgen –>

7. Blog Title Is Important, How About Individual Posts?
Yes. The title of each posts is important when you when each blog posts to get some traffic. Each individual blog posts can target different keywords even you want to target your main page to target your main keywords.

However, it is not easy to rank for individual posts in your blog because your individual posts’ title tag will be like: “Your Blog Title >>> Your Post Title”. This is not very good because it is important to get the keyword you want your individual posts to rank for in front.

With a free All-In-One SEO Pack plugin, you can easily turn each title tags of your blog posts start from your post title. The Title Tags of your blog post will looks like: “Post Title | Blog Title”.

8. Interlinking
This is important to rank high for both your main page and individual posts. Here’s a little trick you should do:

Add your primary keyword at the footer of your blog theme. Turn into a link that links to your blog with this code: <a href=””””>Your Primary Keyword</a>. It is important to have your blog end with your keyword. Now, every page from your blog use the same footer and have link pointing to your blog’s main page.

Another way to improve your internal linking is link to your previous posts often with that post’s title. Most people hardly link back to their posts. Even they link back to the previous post, they use “Read here” as a link that gives no Search Engines Benefit to your individual post.

You can use a plugin which I use to create a list of 5 similar posts at the end of each blog post. The one I used is called Similar Posts.

9. Do You Use Your Keywords Often In Your Post?
If you don’t, you should start doing that. Although I always forget about this step, this is a very important tip because keyword density helps a lot in ranking. However, don’t over do it by making the post weird to your blog readers. Mention your keywords few times in every posts.

10. Speed Blogging
Speed blogging means publish new posts often. When you blog often, search engine thinks that you update your blog very often and have lots of fresh content.

However, the speed I mean here is not 3 posts per week. It’s 1 new posts per day or 3 posts a day. This tip is also practice by all the top 100 blogs including ProBlogger which is the most popular blog that talks about blogging tips.

This is not a must but it helps a lot. I’m doing the same thing as well. I publish new posts on this blog once per day. My blog is at Page 2 for my primary keyword and Page 1 for my secondary keyword. You can trust me on this.

11. Quantity Of Blog Pages
This is really a secret that not many people know about. Do you know that the quantity of your blog pages help you tremendously to rank in Google?

When you search for popular keywords in Google such as ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’, do you know what comes out the first? Try it out and you’ll see Wikipedia and There is no accident because they have millions of webpages.

You could try other popular words as well. This is no coincidence. Websites which have lots of pages are called authority sites by Google. The reasons of why these websites with lots of page rank high is quite complicated.

However, you should start to increase the pages for your blog. I’m not asking you to go for thousands of pages at the beginning. You can aim your first target at 100 and you’ll reach there around 3 months if you post everyday.

Another little trick to you can use to increase your page is “Categories” and “Tags”. Add as much categories as you can. I have a friend who have almost 100 categories at his blog. Of course, you can start with 20 first. Add tags in every posts. Use many different tags to tag your post.

Ok! I’ve writen so much and it’s time for me to take some rest. Hope this helps you a lot to increase blog traffic. I’ll talk about link building tomorrow!

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