Complete Link Building Guide For Blog SEO

Link Building is very important if you want to rank high for keywords in the search engines. If you’ve read “How Google Rank Blogs and Sites” on my blog, Links are like “votes” to Google. The more votes you get from other websites, the higher Google will rank. Because your blog get lots of votes and Google think that your content have high quality and will help the users.

I used to publish a post about Link Building. But I’m going to go more in-dept for a better understanding about link building and how it works with Blog SEO.

Here’re the 10 Most Complete Link Building Strategies. It might be very new to you because I created these strategies myself.

1. More Links

Like what I said, Links are like Votes to Google. The more links your blog has, the higher your blog will rank on the search engines. This includes Yahoo, MSN and Search too. So, remember to build a lot of links!

I personally have around 3,000 link building resources that you can build lots of links to your blog. I’m going to share some with you here:

1000 Web Directories For Link Building
900 Article Directories
Dofollow Blogs

2. Different Websites

Besides having lots of links to your blog, it is also important to have these links come from as many websites as possible. Let’s do a case study here:

Blog A: 1000 links from 2 websites

Blog B: 500 links from 500 different websites

Which blog do you think will rank higher?

The answer will be Blog B. Remember I mentioned about Links are like “Votes” to Google. Blog A has 2 people voting them 1,000 times but Blog B has 500 people voting them for one times. It is obvious and we can say that Blog B has content with higher quality.

When people realized that Google is using backlinks to judge a website, these people create few websites and created hundreds of links to their main site. So Google has adjusted their system to recognize these issues. If you are having too much links from a couple of websites, there’s a high possibility that your blog will get penalized (locked in the Google Jail).

3. Keyword Links

If your link to your blog is something like these:, Click here, Your Blog Title or Your Name. Your blog is not going to rank high for your keyword. If you are trying to rank for “Weight Loss”, make sure you have your link like this:Weight Loss. If you have many links which are “Weight Loss”, your blog will rank higher for “Weight Loss”.

4. Links Mixing

If all you have keywords in ALL your blog’s backlink, will your blog rank higher?

Nope. You will get your blog penalized.

The reason is simple! Let’s go back to the ‘Vote’ theory. If your blog is talking about weight loss, do you think everyone will vote your blog for “Weight Loss”?

No. People might vote for you “Weight Loss Tips”, “Natural Weight Loss”, “Weight Loss Stories” or just vote something weird. The votes will not be 100% the same. If all votes are “Weight Loss”, there’s a high possibility that you have told them to do so.

This strategy tells you to mix your links with other words besides your main keywords. You could use your name, blog name or secondary keywords to mix your main keyword. If you want to rank fast and looks natural, just make sure more you have your main keywords around 60% and mix the other 40% with other words.

5. One-Way Links

Few years ago, many Internet Marketers get to know that Google use links to rank websites. Some of them start using “Link Exchange Strategies” to build hundreds and thousands of links to their websites. What they did was contacting other website owners and requested these owners to link to them, and they link to the owners in return.

By exchanging links with thousands of websites, they are able to get thousands of links to their website. Link exchange is something like “I vote for you and you vote for me, so both of us can fool Google!” Google immediately caught that and give very low value to these exchanged links or reciprocal links.

Focus most of your effort to build one way links with the link building resources I’ve shared with you. Avoid link exchanging with other people.

6. Interlinking

Do you know that links from your own blog posts to another blog posts will increase the ranking?

Although it’s not going help a lot, you’ll increase the chance of those blog posts being searched from Google. Doing it manually might be too much work. Here are 2 things you can help your blog to do good interlinking on autopilot:

Install a similar post plugin. It will look something similar when you scroll down the post. You’ll get to see my blog will pull out 5 other blog posts that are similar to this blog posts.

Have your best posts on your sidebar. By having your best articles on your sidebar and linking to them, each of your blog pages will link to your best articles. Their chances of appearing on Google will be higher.

7. Natural Growth

After reading some Link Building Strategies from other websites, I used to jump in front of my computer and build 50-100 links right away. That passion and hope ended up with disappointment. My website didn’t rank for the keyword I want after months.

I used to blame Google and now I know the reason. My website got penalized by unnatural growth of links. Just imagine that no one is linking to a website for months. Out of a sudden, 50 to 100 websites are linking to this website everyday. Do you think it’s suspicious?

If you are going to build links for SEO, remember to build your links naturally. If you just bought a domain name for less than one year, start with 10 links per day. After one year, you can increase to 20 links per day. If your domain name has been more than one years old, start with 10 links per day for few months and increase it to 20 links per month.

Make those links grow natural as it looks like more people get to know your blog and slowly start to recommend it.

8. Deep Linking

Deep linking is about creating links to other blog posts beside your main page.

If all your links are pointing to the same page of your blog and no other places, the links look artificial and suspicious to Google. There’s a possibility that your blog will get penailized. Linking to other blog posts on your blog will not only make your links look natural, it will help other blog posts from your blog to rank high in Google too.

9. Nofollow Links

Nofollow links might be something new to you because it wasn’t very popular last 2 years. Nofollow links are links that Bloggers or Websites Owners don’t want Google to count as a link. If you typed in your name and blog url when you comment on a blog, there will be a link to your blog when your comment is approved.

However, this link is not a normal link. It is a nofollow link that Google don’t count it as a link to your blog. Many people think that these links doesn’t help their blog in ranking at all.

The fact is Nofollow links does help ranking. The value of a nofollow link is not as high as a dofollow link. However, nofollow links are important because it makes links to your blog natural. With a combination of nofollow and dofollow links, your blog won’t get penalized easy.

You can build nofollow links by commenting on other blogs everyday.

10. Link Checking

Do you check your links often? You can use this tool or simply go to and type “”

The reason of doing this is to monitor your link’s growth. If there’s a sudden increase of your links, you might need to slow down a bit to avoid penalization.

Hope this Link Building Guide will help you in getting lots of traffic from Google and other search engines. My hand is quite tired now and I think I should stop :) Thanks for reading!

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