3 Easy Steps To Identify High Traffic Keywords

increase-blog-traffic-15Increase blog traffic can be an easy job when you master Keyword Research + Blog SEO. Today, I want to share some REAL TIPS about Keyword Research.

Keyword research is extremely important to Blog SEO. With the right keywords, you will get more traffic and rank #1 in the search engines easily. All these days, I’ve been talking about link building and optimizing your blog for seo. But what really make my Blog SEO so successful is really my keyword research techniques.

I used to waste many months trying to rank for many high competition keywords. That failure was painful but that’s the reason I’ve something to share. The 3 steps I use are “Getting Keyword Ideas”, “Getting Search Count” and “Competition Analysis”.

Step 1: Getting Keyword Ideas

Typing keywords in WordTracker Free Tool is very powerful but only it remains only at the beginners level. If you are blogging about weight loss, you’ll probably get keyword ideas by typing “Weight loss” in the keyword tool and get the search count.

I’m going to teach you something totally new.

Use Google Keyword Tool instead! When you click on the link, you’ll see an awesome tool created my Google. Under “How would you like to generate keyword ideas? ”, you’ll see two options:

1.Descriptive words or phrases
2.Website Content

Choose “Website Content”.

Next, leave this page and open a new tab or new window. Go to Wikipedia and do a search on your keywords. Let’s use “Weight Loss” as an example for all the 3 steps (since it’s already very competitive).

Once you reach the page where Wikipedia explains everything about weight loss, copy the url of that page and paste it in the Google Keyword Tool. Click on the “Get keyword ideas” and you’ll see a huge list of keywords.

That’s for the first step. You are going to use it for the next 2 steps.

Step 2: Getting Search Counts

Once you click on the “Get keyword ideas”, you’ll see a large list of keywords with the sentence “Keywords related to way to lose weight – sorted by relevance ”

Take the bold keywords and do a analysis on WordTracker Free Tool. Get the keywords which has more than 100 keywords. The higher the search count, the better it is. I usually don’t choose those which has less than 100 search counts because it doesn’t worth my time and these search volumes fluctuate every month.

Take out a piece of paper or a word document and paste all the keywords which you want to rank for. It is ok to choose those keywords between 50 and 100 but it has higher risk.

Step 3: Competition Analysis

Install SEOquake addon on your browser. Get that addon at SEOquake.com. It can be used in both IE and Mozilla Firefox. Once you installed the addon, do a Google search for your keyword.

Let’s say you do a search for “how to lose weight”. You’ll realize there’s some figures underneath all the search results. These figures are website analysis results done by your addon. Firstly, you’ll see the Google logo with “PR” and “I”. “PR” stands for the pagerank of that webpage and “I” stands for the indexed page of that website!

To know the competition level of a keyword, simply observe the following:

1. The webpages that rank on the first page. If the PR is lower than 3 or 3, that’s a low competition keywords you could probably rank within 2 to 3 months.

2. When you Google the keyword and the search results of the keywords have less than 1,000,000, that’s also a low competition keyword.

If the “PR” of the website is 3 or less than 3, that’s a good keyword. You can choose it and use it to get keywords for your blog.

That’s the method I use for keyword research. Use it well and you’ll see traffic coming in!

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