Problems Of Building Links With Web Directories

increase-blog-traffic-11Do you know there’s a big problem when it comes to building links with web directories? You might submit your blog to all 1000 web directories but not all of them are going to give you a backlink!

You might get around 200 backlinks from web directories because:

Reason #1: Web directories did NOT guarantee you that you’ll get a backlink. When you submit your blog, they say that they will only consider creating a link and it’s not a promise. We can complaint much about that because these web directories are built to make money and they are not public services.

Reason #2: Google are not counting that link. This is slightly complicated, so give me sometime to explain it…

When the web directory decided to link to your blog, they will first create a simple page with some description of your blog. Next, they put a link in that page that links to your blog. They did link to your blog, but Google don’t know anything about it. Maybe their page is too sneaky that Google can’t find them. Or maybe their web directories don’t have a high PR that gets Google visit their website often and crawl deeper.

The Solution To These Problems Are:

1. Don’t rely on web directories too much.

2. Focus some of your time on article directories. Articles that are submitted to article directories will be indexed much faster because they are content and the directory owners want to some traffic with your articles.

3. Social bookmark the page that contains your link. This is a method that forces Google to index that page. It is not recommended because Social Bookmarking Sites doesn’t like it.

Use more link building resources and don’t depend entirely on web directories.

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